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Many firms employ their own insurance managers but, for some, this has become an expensive luxury and, for smaller companies, it has always been difficult to justify the extra costs.

Formed in 2004, The Insurance Manager has established a position as the market leader in the provision of outsourced commercial insurance management and procurement services. Whilst a fairly common business model in the USA, the concept was virtually unknown in the UK up until this point.

Our growth since then has vindicated the belief that businesses would value independent advice, efficient administration and professional procurement unsullied by insurance sales targets and the potential conflicts of interest endemic in the insurance broking model.

We are not insurance brokers or agents, and have no ties or targets with any insurer. We often work with an existing broker to help them achieve the cost and cover improvements we identify.

We strongly believe that the interests of our clients are paramount. A maxim dissipated in the insurance market in the chase for sales and higher commissions.

The time and cost savings that result from outsourcing are becoming appreciated by a growing number of businesses with our own offering recognised as a past winner in the European Risk Service Provider of the Year Awards.

Our stable of clients is varied and covers most sectors. This not only helps us to develop a solid understanding of the needs of a particular industry, but allows us to maximize the influence the group as a whole can have on insurance cover and costs.