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Working with Accountants

We work in tandem with a wide range of professionals where it would be advantageous to our mutual clients to do so. For example, annual training and systems updates from H&S Consultants will help our case for lower Liability premiums. We often advise solicitors on the insurance ramifications of a new lease or contract and, of course, obtain any financial data we need from accountants. This approach ensures – from an insurance perspective anyway – that our clients get as much benefit as they can from the professionals they retain.

Many accountancy practices offer financial services – either in house or via a connected firm – but very few have any facility in relation to commercial insurance. An increasing number of firms are expanding the scope of their service to incorporate wider business advice so it seems logical that the adequacy of the insurance portfolio should be somewhere on the agenda. Our independent status, and advice uncompromised by insurance sales, delivers the perfect opportunity for such practices.

To ensure our partner firms maintain the edge our services provide, we only work with one (or at most two) firms in any key catchment area. In summary:

Services for Accountants and their clients

  • Outsourced insurance management and procurement
  • Management of the Professional Indemnity renewal process
  • Free insurance advisory service for own and client queries and problems
  • For clients – insurance audit – fee based on size and complexity with fee waiver option
  • For clients – new project or tender cost/risk impact assessment
  • For clients – outsourced business insurance management and procurement

The pre-emptive involvement of The Insurance Manager provides commercial insurance buyers with the advantage and protection unavailable to their competitors. Working in unison with their Accountant ensures a more accurate reflection of the financial aspects of the risk, a better protected client and a lower insurance bill.

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